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The Perfect Solution for Your Childcare Needs

A Special Place For Children

​For over forty years, our goal has been to provide our students with the highest quality martial arts training & philosophy system in the world. From giving our youth a head start in life with vital skills that teach strength, intelligence, & happiness, to teaching adults self-defense and martial arts techniques that grant as much protection as they do fitness, we're here to make the world a better place.​


A   Healthy   Environment   for Everyone


​Did you know learning martial arts is proven to nurture and improve a child's self-esteem, confidence, character, & leadership skills? Well it does! These are vital values that will help your child succeed throughout the rest of their life, and we teach them every day in every way. 

Once at Bushi Ban, we provide time for snacks & homework, fun games for all to play, and then launch into a thrilling martial arts and fitness class.

Our after-school program is the perfect way to keep your children active and learning while you finish up your busy day. We provide the same high-quality services of dedicated daycare, but with the added benefits of martial arts training, playtime with obstacle courses, drills, games, academic support, and more. ​

Developing Leaders in Our Youth

One of the most prolific and unique aspects of Bushi Ban is our Student Leadership Program. Students of all ages and rank are challenged in a positive manner to constantly take on new leadership positions and roles within the school. Students become the teachers under the supervision of our trained instructors, and quickly build new self-confidence and take charge of many activities throughout the school such as leading exercises, reading aloud, and so much more!


Don't take our word for it - See what our members think! 

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