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Hear What Other Parents Are Saying!

"We really can't say enough good things about Bushi Ban's After School Daycare Program. It really gives us peace of mind when we're at work that they are in good hands."

"Bree is a spirited and standout font that takes its inspiration from handwriting. It's sure to grab your reader's attention, especially in short paragraphs."


"I enrolled my son and daughter last week in the after school program. I have had positive feedback from my kids and the staff is incredibly professional and courteous. It's nice to see a business that still cares about customer service." - Rhena H.

"My son has been coming to Bushi Ban for 2 years now & we love all the staff! My son attends after school & also has class 2 days a week & PT 2 days a week - he gets great exercise and they teach him respect, discipline and help him focus. Their summer camp is a blast too!"  - Sally M.

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