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What Makes Bushi Ban Different? 

After School Martial Arts   & Childcare Program

Our after-school program is an exciting and engaging with positive challenges designed to help your child grow and develop mentally, physically, and intellectually. We work together with parents to help your children build a solid foundation in health-consciousness and self-discipline as early in life as possible, helping to nurture their potential in all vital areas of early childhood development.


Through early introduction to our own Bushi Ban System of Martial Arts, our unique After-school Martial Arts Childcare Program provides a value to you and to your children that you cannot find with any other program. 

Beginners Martial Arts Class

Bushi Ban instructors are certified black belts and great role models. Each instructor has the training to teach, motivate, and inspire children of all ages. They have attended and continue to attend many seminars, workshops, and clinics dealing with human behavior, child psychology and human relations, in addition to years of Martial Arts training. Each one of our staff members have gone through an intensive background check, are CPR and First Aid trained, and FBI cleared and state approved. Each one of our great staff has extensive experience working with children and are dedicated to helping children achieve their fitness, academic, and martial arts goals.

Best of all, families on a budget can receive safe, high quality, affordable after-school care as their little one's become fit, confident, and secure in knowing how to defend themselves. Studies prove that training in martial arts does wonders for a child's self-esteem. Take the next step and give your child a way to improve their lives now and for the future. You will NOT be disappointed!

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Bushi Ban offers FREE after-school pick up for your child in our clearly marked vans! Your child will join other children from their school as they ride together on the short trip back to Bushi Ban. There they will be checked in and will soon begin the afternoon's activities. 



Our Instructors

We'll Pick You Up!

Everyday Challenges for Today's    Youth

Martial Arts Class

We at Bushi Ban International recognize that our youth are challenged with many external, as well as internal challenges ranging from peer and emotional pressure, attraction to negative behavior, distractions from technology and devices, as well as possessing very few outlets for physical, mental, and social development. 

The time children and teens spend on devices such as phones, tablets, computers, games, or TV have tripled in the last ten years. It's time to take back control! Children are being bullied, discriminated against, and even ridiculed for their lack of athleticism and social disconnect between their minds and bodies. Respect for authority and the yearning for an elder's wisdom is all but lost in today's youth. 


Our youth are becoming sedentary as well as losing mental focus, personal commitment, self-motivation and follow-through have all declined. Self-discipline and self-control have continuously decreased of because of today's social and technological climate. The Bushi Ban After-School Martial Arts and Childcare Program is the perfect solution to help children overcome these kinds of issues and achieve their goals.

Our goal and objective for our after-school program and camp students is to help guide, transform, and empower our youth into possessing the, "Yes I CAN!" attitude, possessing a high moral code of conduct, amazing physical skills and attributes, developing leadership qualities, and paving the way for a healthy, happy, and successful future throughout their life. 

Goals For Our Students

Keep Kids Active

Build Self-Confidence

Learn Self-Respect

Teach Self-Defense

Enhance Social Skills

Improve Grades

Build Self-Discipline

Sharpen Focus

Respect for Authority

Develop a 'YES I CAN' Attitude!

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