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Why Bushi Ban?


Bushi Ban is a special place! 

For over four decades, our goal has been to provide friends & strangers alike with the highest quality martial arts training & philosophy system in the world. From giving our youth a headstart in life with vital skills that teach strength, intelligence, & happiness, to teaching adults self-defense and martial arts techniques that grant as much protection as they do fitness, we're here to make the world a better place.

A healthier, stronger, safer place.

Did you know learning martial arts is proven to nurture and improve a child's self-esteem, confidence, character, & leadership skills? Well IT DOES! These are vital values that will help your child succeed throughout the rest of their life, and we teach them every day in every way. 

Our afterschool program is the perfect way to keep your children active and learning while you finish up your busy day. We provide the same high-quality services of dedicated daycare, but with the added benefits of martial arts training, playtime with obstacle courses, drills, games, academic support, and more. 

Plus, we pick up your child directly from their schools in one of our safe and clearly-marked Bushi Ban vans, driven by a licensed and caring Bushi Ban staff member. 

Once at Bushi Ban, we provide time for snacks & homework, fun games for all to play, and then launch into a thrilling martial arts and fitness class.






















We, at Bushi Ban International, recognize that our youth are challenged with many external, as well as internal challenges. Ranging from being attracted to negative behavior, peer and emotional pressure, attraction and distraction caused by technology and media, as well as very few outlets for physical, mental and especially social development. 

The time children and teens spend on the computer or watching TV have TRIPLED in the last 10 years. It's time to take back control! Our children are being bullied, picked on and even ridiculed at times because of their lack of athletic and social disconnect between their minds and bodies.


Our youth are becoming sedentary as well as losing respect for elders and authority, mental focus, commitment and follow-through has declined. Self-discipline and self-control has continuously decreased of because of today's social and technological climate. Bushi Ban After School and Child Care Program is the perfect solution for children to overcome the above issues.

Goal and Objective of Our After School Program and Summer camp is to guide, transform and empower our youth into possessing the, "Yes I CAN!," attitude. Having a high moral code of character. Possessing amazing physical skills and attributes. Taking leadership in life as well as paving a future of health, happiness and success. 

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